Adji Kane Ouza Diallo, known as Adiouza, was born in Dakar, Sénégal. Her father Ousmane DiaLLO whose stage name is Ouza, fought the former political regimes trough his music, and is still striving to express his political commitment through his art. A trained secretary, Adji’s mother Coumba, left her job to support her husband and become her manager, from 1979 to 2004. Flooded with music since her early childhood, Adji took her first steps on stage at her brother, Cheikh Lô Ouza Diallo’s side. A pianist, a backing singer and a vocalist, Cheikh has been a mentor to Adji. Her brother made her discover Jazz, and accompanied her in Clubs like “The Meridian”, “Novotel”, “Just 4u” and “Marie Lucienne” Inn. Noticed by Ousmane Diop, the Inn’s owner, this admirer supported her to produce her first model with a leading song on AIDS.

I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE: Adiouz... nous offre un tout petit extrait de son prochain single

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I LOVE YOU ADIOUZ.. .Lu jugé si xol ... si xol lay dello

Adiouza - Boroom Gaal

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Pofrima Selo Kontaan na si Ajuuza ...

Si vous n'étiez pas convaincu des ravages de l'émigration clandestine vers les pauvres pays européens .... je vous suggère juste de bien regarder cette vidéo et de mettre à fond votre MEGA BASS

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